Ever since I signed up for online bank statements I never watch for mail delivery. As an accountant by profession bank reconciliation is a task I do away with, a skill I took for granted after doing it for so many years.

When Ethel moved to a facility when she was 75 years old, a bookkeeper by profession she took with her an office table, a calculator and her pen. Everyday she checks her mail for her bank statements puts them away in her table together with her other bills and checks. Month after month she sits at her table, reconciles her bank account, happy and contented that her bank account is balance and everything is doing well in her life.

I work with my 90 year old patient after her two month stay in a hospital due to a surgery. We are looking forward to make her perform at least basic activities such as eating and walking. The first activity is easier and should come first as she would need nourishment for biological process while the second one should help her build enough strength back to her weakening knees. Once she does this least of physical activity regularly it hopefully catapults her way back to improved health.

I don’t know what was my patient’s previous profession though I must say that she was a doting, loving and devoted mother and wife to her family.

But I wish my patient would be like Ethel who gets excited checking her mails putting bank statements and bills away and performs bank reconciliation at the end of the month and feel well accounted for and balanced.

Like Ethel who eventually died at 95 years old balanced, reconciled and completely accounted.

As a caregiver I sometimes wonder will writers write as they grow old? Do painters paint even when they’re old? Do lawyers study law when they grow old? Teachers or doctors or dentist?

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