A few days ago, the hub asked what day  my birthday falls?

Looking at the calendar as my hands were on the phone,  he corrected me on the day followed by a personal logical sequence when labor day falls on this day, some other day falls on that same day, etc., etc.  Flipping the calendar, shut my mouth and no intention to argue my eyes grew big, looking at 2017, I am a year ahead. I deliberately don’t pay attention to my birthday, it doesn’t really matter what day it falls, it certainty is coming anytime  before I realize it. I even wouldn’t dwell in my number of years, they’re just numbers anytime.

Until we decided to celebrate it on my days off even if it don’t fall on that day.

When I was much younger friends  are excited with birthdays. Everybody has one. Fair and square. Whose fall today, tomorrow, next week, next month, who celebrates on the same month, same astrological sign. Counting  and reminding everybody elses’. I stay calm and compose not showing a hint of over enthusiasm,  when someone calls  and greet me early morning I show genuine gratitude. Its the thought that counts.

Of late I’ve been connecting with high school classmates  through social media chatting. Reading and responding with people I knew 40 years ago was going back in time  40 years ago. There is no talk about birthday celebrations, what’s important is we are all here after forty years.  And we are still here celebrating our birthdays and our youths  at whatever numbers.

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