Everyday around seven pm the television screen flickers someone maneuvers the remote and Alex Trebek’s face comes on the screen with his calm, gentle and fine voice. Taking up my place in the family room, loosening up  and relaxing, it’s time for Jeopardy!

Every inch around the walls and ceiling of this house echoes that signatory song at this time. With the host supplying the answers and the contestants’ response that should be a question. Once in a while I yell out my own response a sense of pride comes when mine jibes with the answers, apathy when  otherwise. The lady in her 90’s, her grandson in his 20’s, strong and weak, sitting or standing the brain processes familiar information and data giving an assurance that our brain are still working even with our bodies wasted at the end of the day.

After a hard day’s work,  the body  winding down thanks to this  pre-lullaby song from this show, gradual auguring into nightime yet  the mind still in its active stage .  No major muscles  involved except the brain cells.

Last night I was in bed at eleven, woke up two hours later, then two hours later, then two hours later. Let me rephrase, I did not wake up, my eyes were just about to close when I heard my name. I was in rem sleep in between I remember dreaming which I forgot as soon as I open my eyes.

I went to check my patient, who was wet and needed a change of pad, tylenol, a pillow on her back. A back pain and all her physical disability makes sleeping a challenge for  this 90 year old. Both of us are  not getting enough. Each time my brain says ‘get up’  my body raises a white flag  weary and exhausted  calling for more time in bed.

I grab the ipad  and use this time to write since I am not sleeping at all. My newsfeed says,  “Let us think  of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works” -Hebrews 10-24

The following day  my client was in front of the tv,  while I sitting in the couch laid my head back and close my eyes trying to answer  suduko, a number puzzle game, her daughter catching me in that position. The family regularly visits and today is one of those. I soon after got a call from my agency the daughter presumably complained.  A time to write and ponder and think.

Seeing and reading tons of positive resolutions is good but doing them  is another.  Some things are just not enough,  pesevere and not just endurance, fortitude not just patience,  faithfulness not just dedication.

At the end of the day, drained   physically  and mentally, the core of human living still is alive, the spirit. The one that gets me going.

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