With knees bending, one deep breathing, I lifted my foot from the carpeted gym  as high as I could, landing back on the floor as quickly as I realize, only to find that the jump I made  was merely six inches from the floor, I tried another then another then another challenging myself to jump higher, until I couldn’t bend my knees or take one deep breath or lift my foot from the carpet  anymore.  Gravity was pulling me so hard that last time I physically jump in my gym class.

Back when I was young   I’d dream of   jumping on rooftops of houses, one house to another,  building to building,  trees to trees, once on the ground I’d kick my toes then I’ll be back on jumping examining and admiring   a panoramic view of cities, roads and highways.  It was surreal I  feel as light as a feather,  free to go anywhere as far and fast as I can in my dreams.

In a couple of months we are moving to  the northeasternmost part of this country. In a mountainous region, where ski and all activities related to snow and cold is its major attraction and activities it could offer, when everybody frowns each time I tell them we are moving there, when everybody concludes its a cold state. Yes, coming from a tropical country, it is a big jump for me.

My life is a series of jumping from one highs to the other.

I lived in a house where the earth is my floor, the sky is my roof, the mountains are my walls. Where my food and water comes from the ground where I lived.  What more could I ask?

I  retired at a very advantageous age of 47,  I literally jump and become  a writer by choice of  passion and now to eventually live that life in a world of fictitious and poetic mountains of Maine.

What more could I ask?

As there is no other option for me, while snow is gently falling on trees, the temperature outside the wall of my abode  is 0 degrees,  I’ll sit in a couch,  while the fire is burning, a cup coffee on the other side, my fingers on the laptop.

I’ll put on my ski suit and boots  jump on the snowy mountains where I’ll meet the snow muse who’d show me the secrets of the mountains, why do they grow so high and are they related to the mountains where I came from?

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/jump/”>Jump</a&gt;

What do you think?

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