Today is a couple of days after fall. On the deck sitting with the sun hitting  a big portion of my body surface and my needlework on hand. Even though I could feel the heat in 70’s it’s all negated by the not only describably cool but almost mildly cold breeze from the air. It’s alright I’d welcome  the breeze if it comes every  thirty minutes or so surely it is happening less time than that as I sit here.

‘This bloody wind’,  an expression I’m compelled to burst. A comment made by the Queen (Elizabeth) herself considered not quite befitting  her stature, maybe the reason why it made a bit of news in that article I was reading,  though not actually inappropriate, nevertheless seldom heard from the mouth of royalties. And speaking of royalties I wonder how Princess Kate  always stays elegant, smiling and beautiful wherever she goes.

How does people stay elegantly wrapped in a weather like this? It hasn’t been five minutes ago that I felt that cold brush of air coming onto my neck and now that same almost freezing temperature is on my feet. As a caregiver living with my clients in their senior years I am spoiled living in their houses warm as  summer when the temperature outside is freezing.

My client is  back in the hospital for some fluid in her lungs and infection. Wondering when she comes back as my bank account is slowly losing some numbers with no deposits going in. I just called for some friends who might refer me to some people for temp job.

I worked with a client  for six months. At 100 years old  I was getting good money from her, an act she deemed otherwise. Every night I praise and thank God for her and the money, while she on the other hand, pray that God take away her life. In the end at some point I think we were praying the same prayer  and God heard our prayers.  Two months ago she died of asphyxiation while eating dinner. They took her to the hospital and she resuscitated, however the following day I was told she passed away.

While my present client is 90 years old and in the hospital for almost three weeks now, which, as another friend said, is “not good”. I don’t know what that means but I know that when you’re in the hospital there are only two things that might happen. Every night she is also in my prayer for speedy recovery and whatever is God’s will for her.

Now that bloody wind is howling again blowing away all my crosstitching materials on the table.  Time to pack up and go back inside the house.

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