When I was young I remember waking up to different names of fish yelled out loud by fish vendors, varieties of fish caught during the night, peddled  around the neighborhood so that housewives don’t have to go to the market for fresh fish.   Oftentimes  a vegetable vendor with freshly harvested produce follows  and these people determine what our lunch or dinner menu is during the day. Back then mothers don’t have to plan what to cook, or have specific menu for the week. Whatever fish is caught during the night, vegetables harvested during the day, pork or beef slaughtered overnight determines what is to be served in the dining table. We’ve been eating fresh and delicious food back when we were young without even planning.

But today we  learned how to make food fresh and available, not only in the early morning hours but anytime of the year. Therefore, now we can plan what to eat or cook until next week because raw food products are available in the supermarket.

As a caregiver, oftentimes,  cooking is an unavoidable  skill and necessary for my job. A skill that will never be taught before getting a certificate or required for the job. Five nights in a row I fed my client the following,  calves liver with fried onions, fried chicken with gravy, beef steak, pasta with clam sauce, fish with lemon butter sauce. I never heard of any complain about the taste of the food.

The client I had before this was eating puréed food. The color of her food ranges from purple, orange, red, brown or green. Sometimes I feel my stomach turning when I see how these food are made.  Chicken, pork, beef, vegetables all come together  poured inside a mixer until everything becomes one coming out like thick liquid. I hear slurping sound when my client eats this food.

Cooking is a task I wish not doing but is necessary and unavoidable. Could I just have the fish and vegetable vendor around?

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