It was a deafening countdown since four years ago when my hub bought a house almost five hundred miles away from Jersey in preparation for his retirement. Where he doesn’t have to pay 10k for yearly property taxes to a place they call where life should be. Finally that day has come, as I’m writing this I wake up to his morning mantra “I am hungry can we have breakfast?”

Not being a morning person, I’d rather stay in bed with my laptop or do some meditation if I could which I am now slowly realizing might give way to this person and life we  have as a couple. Fortunately the heavy concentration of anti freeze in our water gave me  a valid excuse not to cook  and so we put on our jacket heading out to Woodsman for breakfast.

The parking lot looks full of vehicles, mostly working man’s trucks with short or long beds, but they’re not organizably full like parking lots in big cities. One truck was park horizontal on the sidewalk, another car perpendicular to it, while others tried to organize and squeeze in available space as much as they could. I don’t foresee any parking fight in this place, customers come and go quickly as breakfast aren’t like dinners when people are expected to stay cozy and warm after eating.

With my house boots on, careful not to  trap sand on it,  I am sprinting on the sand covered parking lot on to the entrance deck of the diner. It seems that the business is not making enough money to pay for asphalting as my hub commented. As soon as I open the door the room is buzzing with voices,  plates, forks and spoons touching each other. “Good morning”, the vibrant voice from the lady on the counter is smiling at us. Lifting my head looking around I see all the tables are filled with  couples and in groups.

Gray hairs show as one guy pull out his hat, sat down  followed by his lady companion, waiting for their orders. Most men in their plaid shirts, more muffin top ladies sitting on another table. More people coming in from behind us, as we placed and paid our orders while others are finishing up with their meals getting up from chairs.

Americans love their diners and breakfast. Perhaps after so many years of getting up early in the morning going to work and mostly missing out on breakfast, retirement is catching up on breakfast.

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