For the past two months except for reblogging I’ve not done anything original here. But I would like to go back to those reblogs which spoke of what I wanted to write. The latest is about goal-3 by, talking about household projects interfering with her writing activities. Which is exactly what is happening around the house here with us. Having moved  three weeks ago  we are watching deliveries arriving almost daily making us busy  installing and fabricating  furniture and fixtures. Watching the better half cutting, measuring, lifting, using one instrument after another is something that isn’t on my turf such that any  efforts nor opinion won’t make any dent in this physical job he is doing. I am good enough listening to him answering his own questions and not make him look autistic. Yes, I also wanted to keep a goal for posting at least once a week, I wish.

While on his Rewriting: An Overview of the Process was another idea I broach ever since all my books and materials have been properly organized, thanks to my other half again, I am starting to read what I’ve written two years ago that sometimes I can’t imagine being able to write them.

Kristen Lamb’s blog post,, on 13 Things Mentally Strong Writers Don’t do is actually a reading of various bloggers which led me to more readings. Kristen Lamb blogs once a month, never a boring read after all, I sure finish them before the next comes.

Kristi on on her author expose – Tiny Stitches on the life of medical pioneer Vivien Thomas – by Gwendolyn Hooks I think is an interesting read being on a medical field myself. This is a to do list for me and check the book.

Ah and that blog on Nov 23, Anticipation, which I finally wrote,  after  reading  it now I still couldn’t believe my hands wrote it.

The Introvert Guide to Dating by is a nice read not only for people who are starting with their relationship but with empty nesters like us. Maintaining relationship is  tricky and challenging even at this age. Now that we have all the time and financial stability the question of dating process is a good time for me to review, put practice so  we could start dating all over again.

On Nov. 17 I wrote another blog about Fish. Not bad after all.

I am on my third week on The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron hoping that his would spring me back to inspiration. Artists don’t wait. They look for  inspiration or make them happen.

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