Browsing at WordPress newsfeed, it surprised me to find these two sites: and’s Not Just About the Notebook. I didn’t realize how crazy writers are about keeping notebooks, way crazier than me after comparing the number of notebooks I have.

Dianne MacKinnon wants a FIVE YEAR JOURNAL!!!!! You’re maddeningly insane. And I think I like that idea since you just said its only one paragraph a day. This is aside from my three morning pages to be done on another notebook that I now find I could do in thirty minutes.

Though I must admit that keeping journals has helped me immensely in writing when I first read and followed it  with then I was directed to you tube and the rest was history.

Journals not only  help organize the different tasks needing accomplishment but it influenced my overall personality as I got conscious keeping track of time and day spent on activities.

<a href=””>Maddening</a&gt;

What do you think?

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