Doing the Artists’ Way workshop by J. Cameroon or any year end methodology I embark to organize my plans, tasks and objectives or my new years’ resolution I always end up looking at journal. I try to settle on a simple daily diary/journal but from my experience its benefit exceeds far more than just internal expression. It shows me how I could turn my ideas into action. At first I thought it a waste of time but it actually made monitoring what I need and wanted to do efficiently and effectively.

After browsing and reading elaborate formats other people keep their journal I chanced upon She has to  write a one year calendar on her notebook. This part I tried to shortcut by cutting and pasting from another calendar or from the internet and I couldn’t find any when I needed it. It has always been an unpleasant experience in the middle of journaling I  scramble looking for  a calendar it breaks the smooth flow of ideas. And so I had to do mine in my own handwriting as much as I hate to do it.

Something new I learned about  is a page on birthdays. I copied this one from her. As part of a new year’s resolution to be  more caring and thoughtful I figure I should know when’s the birthday of my family and close friends. Would I send them a card? Not sure. What I can do for certain is to offer a prayer for these people who have been part of my life.

The other part I got interested is her page on books to read for the year as illustrated above. She admit thought that she also copied this from other journals.

Someday I would be able to make a format that would suit my own needs, but in the meantime thanks to Kellyrambles. Actually I reblog her site on my previous page.

<a href=””>Someday</a&gt;

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