I’ve been asked to cook for meatloaf. The day before it was lasagna, baked ziti, cake (premixed of course).  Glancing at my husband while  mentally engaged in blogging, I nod and whispered “ok” head still nodding, eyes not leaving his sight. The long stare at him  was probably a presumption of doubt, words betraying my reaction as his  next question were, “do you know how to do it?”, “have you done it before?”, followed by another question.

Nowadays being capable to do things is not the question. When my sister in law was having problem with her corn pepper grinder and toilet tank not flushing, you tube was her consultant, in the comfort her home, complete with a 5 minute video instruction that she watch  over and over.

It is all matter of wanting to do it, doing it or not doing at all. Yesterday as I was reviewing my yearly goal I check on an old format  I made since 2013. It is categorized into four areas: wealth, health, personal relationship and personal growth/development divided into long term (what I want to do in the long term), medium term (what i want to do in 7 years ) and short term (the current  year). The reason why seven years is,  it is my life cycle, that is, my life changes  in a cycle of seven years ( read it from somewhere). Even if  I never followed this up by doing my yearly goal, however,  the medium term  goal kind of held me up. Aside from that I also have twenty items of  dreams and visions to accomplish in my lifetime, now some items partly done.

I am not going into details but what I wrote in there happened or is happening. I am sharing a snapshot of that  template.

I finally did the meatloaf, my husband afraid that it might taste a hamburger in the end. We both were satisfied  it didn’t taste  a hamburger and we ended  the meal with a brownie I baked (premixed).

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