Looking so busy almost daily every time he comes from  the basement,  I am seriously engrossed crosstitching, my husband was curious  as to where all these crafts will end up once I finish them.  There are two WIP project that I have right now, one I started when I ran out of thread last month and actually I have three more in case I finish what I’m doing.  Where to put them, probably on the wall in my workroom, I replied.

Artists engage in activities that triggers creativity as they say. And for me crosstitching is one of them. Everyday I sit on the same chair while my hands are busy pulling and pushing needles and threads. I’ve started these last year with no exact date to finish, though one thing is certain they will get done someday.

The previous blog I shared my yearly goals and how I make it work. The goals cover four major aspects of my personal life  namely:

  1. Wealth-   I work out a plan of saving a specific amount every month. You must have read about this from other sites. And yes I did reach my goal.

  2.  Health – I lost weight, not much. But what I am happy about is finding a solution to my digestive problem (acid reflux, heartburn).

  3. Personal Relationship – I teach myself to be more compassionate and loving individual.

  4. Intellectual and personal Development – includes my public speaking, writing, blogging, crafting.

I  detailed what I want to accomplish under these areas  in  columns on short term target which is my current year, medium term as seven year target  ( 7 is when my life cycle change)  together working for a  long term goal. The plan was when the following year comes  I only have to check this table and fill out numbers. There would be no need to formulate goals because it covers major  areas. That was in 2012  then I forgot about it.  In fact even when I forgot about it the following years, the medium term goals were working for me during all those years.

All the ideas mentioned above  are not my own. I read and research different books to suit what I need and want to accomplish such that now my yearly goal  looks like a crosstitch kit. The design is laid out complete with count and thread color ready for stitching.  I don’t have a “what I’m going to do?”, boring days or nothing to do days. Even if I forget making a new year’s resolution, my medium term goals are already set.

I don’t know when will they get done. Both my crosstitch and goals. I just do it everyday.  All I know is  the design is laid out with the corresponding threads and stitch count. And an unseen hand is working on it.

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