This is my workspace and I never dreamed of this. The only request I made was a simple writing table with no drawer underneath, a space where I freely wiggle my legs. I never requested for chair and lamp as I decided to make use of what we have around. But instead he bought everything in this room.  A new writer’s table, an overhead lamp with sliding switch for dimming worth $80, a new office chair on top of a new carpet protector and a new bulletin board worth $25 replacing a DIY’d one I made from plain cardboard and glue.

Everyday UPS and FEDEX comes to the house afterwards we would spend  hours and hours rearranging and moving furniture and fixtures.  Coming from a big family whose finances have  stretch out, buying furnitures were a luxury, that’s why  I was resisting all these purchases. All I need is a pen and a paper to write, I could sleep in a couch, I will get by.

And then I kept my mouth shut. A voice was whispering,  “let him do what he wants”. Slowly  a sense of fortune and gratitude were pouring on my shoulders, this is what I need,  moral support is  happening around me. Only the finest and exquisite choices for my creative space.

As I am writing this blog,  a music from the Phantom of the Opera is playing from the cd.  My husband thought of  putting this  player so I could have music while writing.

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