Of late I am bombarded by “Honeymooners” episodes on vcd’s that the husband watches. It is an old show in the 50’s about Ralph Kramden who is a perpetually flustered but eternally optimistic New York City bus driver living with his wife, Alice, in a small Brooklyn apartment. Ralph’s best friend is sanitation worker Ed Norton, who lives in the same building with wife Trixie.

Each night he would get the player ready for the upcoming episodes, sit on the bed, two remotes  on his hand to hit play as soon as I land on  bed. I, on the other hand take my own sweet time, take shower, plucking eyebrows, pricking pimple, applying creams and lotions wishing that one episode is over before I get to bed. He knows I am getting bored watching this black and white tv program where the husband yells at the wife like a slave,  all the scenes happening in front of a dining table, a dresser drawer on the right, a stove and ice box on the left.

Me trying to get away by staying as long as I could in the bathroom  wouldn’t happen as he  patiently waits for me. He is trying to bore me  but now watches me cackle on some episodes.  He would go to the extent of sharing me history of some episodes while I try to analyze at how the writers get  ideas for the show.

He is so successful that now I am the one reminding him to put on the vcr.

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