While in bed last night, I was complaining  of something stinky, I pointed at my hsubands’  foot. But it goes on and off and so I’d forget about it. After a while, he said its my hair. And I just remember I used an undiluted apple cider in rinsing my hair. I was too lazy to go back and wash again my hair, although I knew  the smell goes away as soon as the hair dries.


I just started this experiment of using apple cider to rinse hair and would want to continue and take the risks of this practice as it might help my hair grow healthy and make it thicker just like what they show on tv.

That is how we face  life,  even when it stinks or painful,  willingly we  undergo those processes because of hope and belief something good will come out someday.

I am satisfied with the recent spreadsheet I did to monitor  progress in blogging and editing. As the month ended, I posted six blogs in 15 days and edited three topics. Looking at my own progress spread right in front of me is  a gentle reminder simultaneously encourages daily perfection  instead of hiding them written inside my journal.

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