If I want to listen to music I turn the tv where radio stations songs are playing coffeehouse music and leave it on until we get tired listening to it. The other half complains since not all song played are soothing while I on the other hand don’t care I am not actually listening, as I listen to a deeper sound inside of me. Its the sound of organization. Satisfaction and comfort are what I get these days as I am getting most of my tasks organized. The use of spreadsheets are becoming a big part of that.

Spreadsheets are like digital graphing paper with more flexibility on customizing the size of each cell and the entire table as well. I printed in the first column twenty topics each one allocated a week for rewrite, all to be done in a span of six months, mark with colored pencil if I did. They’re my to do list at the same time its a monitoring scheme. I am satisfied with the results after finishing five topics now, I am finding it more enjoyable and comfortable and as I look at it I might decrease the allocated days.

Today is the 15th of the love month and I am blogging. Last month I blog from the middle to the end of the month and it seems my internal clock wants this schedule. That blogging, too I did put in another spreadsheet.

After researching I came up with the recommended daily intake of vitamins and supplements put them in a spreadsheet check and compare with what I am taking. With all the promotions about supplements that I see on the computer telling me, this one is good, or that one is good, with my spreadsheet I could decide what is good or not for me.

I also put my housework in a spreadsheet, brb, I have to clean the kitchen



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