I had a dream. The sky was brighter and bluer. Standing by the pier facing and looking at a huge ship. Just a few feet away from me, it is watching and staring back at me, if it has eyes. The distance between us is negligible considering its size, like a gentle giant coming face to face with a friend. I need to raise my head at an angle high enough to appreciate its height and size. I could see its hull resting on the water, the blue water swaying the ship gently from side to side. What is surprising is it’s bow is covered with carpets of green grass, as in green grass of a golf course, or a tennis court.

Dreaming in color is unusual it rarely happens.

A few years after I had the chance to come to America. My aunt took me to Pier 39, one of San Francisco’s tourist spots. Around it is also the place where tourist take a small boat to visit Alcatraz, the infamous prison island. I went there. She also took me to this part of the pier where a huge ship is docked, a world war 2 ship now used as tourist attraction complete with an inside tour. I am standing on the dock facing this huge ship, just a few feet away from me, on a bright and blue sky, it is watching and staring back at me, it has eyes. The distance between us is erased, I am raising my head, looking up to this gentle giant, a long lost friend.

“Are you enjoying?” Hearing my aunt asking if I am enjoying was listening to an echoing sound, yet a familiar voice, nodding my head is the only reaction I did. Totally unexpecting, to react glad, happy or joyful spontaneously about how a dream came true, is equal to keeping quiet, my lips sealed. I wanted to communicate how extremely happy I was but words were not enough. I tried to in embarrassment, in a very limited manner to express gratitude through my limited words.

A translation of a dream into a reality.

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