Coming to work last holiday weekend I called on our cleaning lady handing her a money card. Even though she’s paid for her job, we see to it no matter how small, she always gets gift from all of us, in return for her services. Seeing the envelope transferring hand from mine to her, I see her eyes lit up. It’s cash, she knew it. Opening it right in front of me finding several bills, her eyes became red. After thanking me, it was followed by an unexpected remark,

“Your co worker isn’t as nice as you, she gave me something I think wasn’t worth that much”.

The cash seem so valuable than everything else she received that holiday, cash could be used to spend on things that her family needs or more for basic needs. Her daughter needed supplies for school project, or it could be used to pay for school fees or she could buy those sneakers that she’s been planning which always stays in the sideline as money goes to more important needs.

I opened my mouth, but no words came out of it, my co-worker gave her a plain shirt she suspects was bought from a dollar store. Suddenly I was sad for all three of us, my generosity made someone appear unsympathetic and other people look ungrateful.

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