Now that we’re retired we have all the time to do what we didn’t do before. Go to church regularly on sundays. Once a week, each Sunday we rush to wake up earlier in the morning, prepare an easy breakfast of eggs, bagel and coffee, dressed up and get ready as it takes us forty minutes to get to church. This is also once in a week that I get to draw and shape my eyebrows darker, apply that foundation and color on the cheek. And when in church we get to see and mingle with people on coffee and cake or lunch after service.

Two sundays ago was something different because the priest planned to conduct bible study for the lent season. I wrote our names when asked what time do we prefer, not for my sake but for my husband who I prejudge needed a bit of knowledge on things like this.

The first Sunday introduction was short and alright as we didn’t have to stay that long. Last Sunday I hesitate, watching myself listening to the same thing over and over, things that I read and learn in my younger days, and going through the Bible like a novel becomes boring after sometime. But because I promise to support my husband, we stayed.

The discussion began from the book of Genesis, the creation of the world. On the days when the world and all living being were created, he was to name the animals around him who would be his companion. Adam didn’t actually name these animals, such as this is a cow, or a horse, etc. The animals instead showed him their own nature and that’s when Adam recognized them. Adam need not name them because each have their own unique nature.

Since January I resolved to rewrite twenty of the blogs I posted. Looking at my calendar now, I have gone through about six topics with about 9k words. I noticed that as I continue to rewrite something new comes out of its own. A story shows up and weaves its own tale. I only have to put pen on paper. I didn’t believe when writers speak about it this way. They were talking figuratively I said.

We didn’t have the chance to attend Ash Wednesday mass, but this reminds me, our nature is dust.

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