While the egg is in the frying pan, my partner calls me in almost whispering tone, “look, look, there is a fox in our deck”. A quick couple of steps there it is right by me, about two feet long, sniffing then licking the snow. The partner, figuring out what attracts it to that spot realized its the fat from the griller, sitting right on top of the waist deep snow in front of the deck, he threw yesterday.

We never see a lot of animals around during the daytime, except for footprints on the snow at the back of the garage, he suspects are from  moose and deer, triggering the installed motion lights all around the house.

And I don’t think we want to see more of them roaming around our house, swarming our place and probably take over the property. Until the partner realize that he should also stop throwing out bones even across the street.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/swarm/”>Swarm</a&gt;

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