Reblog- You Woke?I’m Awoke

Two questions I asked my black Muslim friend after I watched “Dear White People”. Yes I had to be specific for the sake of what I’m about to talk about and she was also the one that suggested the show to me. (knowing I have a passion for binge watching shows) “Am I allowed […]

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2 thoughts on “Reblog- You Woke?I’m Awoke

  1. Filipinos used to be called Flips, but then , strategically, Filipinos decided to own the word, and henceforth called each other Flips, and did not mind that their non- Filipino friends comfortably called them Flips too. The word lost its sting. But there’s a world of difference between the N word and Flip. The N word connotes everything that happened to black folks that the rest of us will never comprehend nor can be shared with.

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