I recently changed my entire morning coffee habit into tea. The alluring smell and tempting coffee flavor on my tongue are things that   I have to give up in exchange of  health concerns. It was something that never necessitated a hospital visit.  Sometimes, we just have to solve personal issues that wouldn’t require institutional intervention.

Speaking from a point of view of someone transitioning into becoming a writer, I conclude if one desires, then it will be, without any institutional help. I had been longing to go to school, writer’s workshop, writing school.  I didn’t had any chance to get into neither one nor any similar groups. Except for online workshop, I don’t know if I could consider them, my own experience proved that they leave much to be desired.

After irregularly  blogging for three, perhaps four years, it only left me dissatisfied and wanting for more. Knowing as I do, that I have a lot of things to learn beginning from basics like grammar.  It’s shocking to learn how I need to learn basic grammar as I get lost  in the process of talking about a past, that retells of another past, then goes back to a future past.

My luck unfolded when I joined a writer’s group at our hometown in Maine. I met my writing coach.  Not only was I gaining from the group but I have a personal coach with a prestige comparable to those coming from institutions.

I remembered praying and seeking. And now I had found the answer. It’s like finding the wonders of tea in exchange for coffee.  It was only a matter of adjusting,  first habits, then taste. I kept on writing as a habit, then  understanding that it must be.

They say, when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

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