Release and Hiking


“We better turn around.” Walking a few feet behind him, as I yelled to my hiking companion. The terrain hadn’t stop going up and up and up, through narrow paths and rocks. The book says it’s a 4000 feet elevation, and I remember climbing 3000 feet wasn’t that hard. When you follow a trail, usually there are blaze marks, blue or white, 6 by 2 inches painted on trees. However on rocky areas they are painted on the floor of rocks itself where you walk onto. Each bend on the trail laid a fervent hope inside of me, that perhaps it’d be more forgiving and sympathizing. But no, it wasn’t. I, not only used my foot to walk, had to use my arms, and butt as well. I became a toddler when nothing else works, using my ass. The muscles on my legs were pulling each other, trying to work out whatever’s strength left of it. But I think it was my sinking drive to walk I had been trying to save. I wanted to prove to the hiking companion that even at this age, I could still do it. When the trail was descending, I gave thanks to the Creator, at least there won’t be so much hardship. Behind that thanksgiving, however lay a fear of the future, coming back on that same spot requires an upward scale, I knew, was waiting for me.

“This is the hike that I love, its challenging!” He said. Oh my God! I said to myself. Can I just sit here and wait for you to come back? A suggestion I had entertained behind my silence, but the thought of being alone scared me. I pulled myself, my body, spirit. The trail was going around the edge of the mountain, and he said that probably this will lead us to the opposite side. At this point I don’t really care, going back was what I had been thinking. Perhaps, he read my mind, when he said, “I think we better go back,” I almost shouted with glee but my energy to be happy had waned, too. What he saw was what made him retreat. There was another rock we had to descend by sliding on our back. We got home, my knees and legs were sore, yes, I  released and left behind all my energy on the trail. But it gave me a renewed experience to gather new energies again for the next hike.

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