Happy anniversary with wordpress! This was what I received a couple of weeks. To think that I had been inactive in it for a year. That was the time when I tried to concentrate at improving my own skill at writing, which wasn’t a work in vain after all. I met a mentor, participated in a local book club and had my work scrutinized. Eagerly, I had been bent on submitting my work before the year ended, and sadly it didn’t happen. With so much regret, but, filled with gratitude because I learned so much especially the basics of writing.

And I am not giving up!

What’s good about 2018 is having a job. I am a tax earner as I began a job at a local grocery store, in its deli section. Having been unemployed seven out of twelve months last year, I thought it was what I desired. Staying home, retiring and doing nothing I thought was exciting. Not that I had been lazily lounging in the couch, but I had the opportunity to do the things I wanted to do, like writing and reading.

Waking up and rustle with the sheets to get myself ready to work in the morning became exciting. My senses came alive, the body knew it was going to accomplish something for a day. It was ready to show off that which it is used to do. Exhaustion was out of the question, obviously my body craved fro the activity like a kid taken to her favorite playground with toys all around.

And to begin this year from an organized angle, like most people, I had done my new year’s resolution by setting up my journal.

But wait! There’s something else. My husband bought me a car when I got my driver’s license so I could drive myself if I need to. Being retired made him think we didn’t need another car. And now I am all set for 2018!!!!

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