We were inside the car, I was driving, husband on the passenger side, silently listening to country music on the Satellite radio, free for a year on any new Ford vehicle. Suddenly he blurted out, “you’re getting too close on the right side, stay a little to the left!” As a newly licensed driver, he never failed giving me instruction about driving. I need them, I know. While on a learner’s permit, I had remembered yelling louder, fighting back, justifying my actions, irritated both at him and at me for being irritated knowing fully well, I had been wrong. Through time, however, I had taught myself to mellow down, I mean try to listen and listen what I am asked to. I kept quiet, concentrating on driving.

Actually, not really. I analyzed my thinking process, what was in my mind driving so close on the right side of the road. A car should be passing in between the yellow center line on the left and the white line on the right side, I know. But why did I do what I did?

As we traverse through the highway, I realized that my lane seem bigger comparing with the opposite lane, and because its bigger I felt not giving enough space for the traveler on the opposite side. I was giving more room to the opposite lane.

Finally, I told him him why I was driving too close on the right side. But attached with an analysis, it was a sign of autism on my side. Slightly autistic. He agreed nonchalantly, if I am or was, it didn’t bother him. It dawned on me, that I maybe slightly autistic. However, my normal side prevails greatly, or in more times than not, I am more normal, or I look more normal in the eyes of more people than being autistic. Or perhaps I am more normal today than decades ago.

Before I forget, I am sorry for all the people in the past who were affected by my abnormality.

Still my thoughts bothered me, I am not autistic, and perhaps I was right that no one had thought what I thought, (ha ha ha) Coming back, I checked the opposite lane where I worried the road was narrower. I visually measured its dimension, noticing the same observation I had prior, the road was narrower. Now I am satisfied, it showed that my autistic observation was wrong, after all. And I think it was slight autism to be bothering the size on the other lane. My visuals were deceiving me.

Our truth is based on what we see while others look at it a different way.

On the Road to LA


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