It is the fourth month of the year. Looking back at my plans and goals for the year was looking at empty spaces on boxes, should’ve been marked with exes to indicate “done”. I am not happy nor lukewarm, but however, much more hopeful to “see where I am”.

As a budding writer with no academic exposure or training I had been limited to what books could offer. Thanks that we have free libraries and to the digital age where information is liberally available at the tip of my fingertips. The latter, though, is something I don’t rely hundred percent, I found out that digital info were merely teasers to a deeper knowledge which is a reader’s responsibility.

It has been recommended, proposed, advised, encouraged by writers themselves, a writer should read A LOT. I had only read four out of fifteen books recently borrowed from the library. Why only four? They’re the only ones that caught my interest. And they’re mostly foreign authors writing about where they came from. I am in search of Filipino authors living abroad and writing about “home” and where they are.

I promise to read and blog about it.

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