In my last blog, I mentioned about books that I had been reading but wanting more books written by Filipino authors. Thanks for La Giraffa who suggested a “Country” by Mia Alvar. These are the books I read this year:

‘Samurai” by Saburo Sakai (with Martin Caidin and Fred Saito – it was too technical, parts that I skipped mostly. I wanted to discover the heart of Japanese valor though war was a very depressing event;  “Solo” by Susan Fox Rogers – It  was like reading me wanting to do different things, going on a solo hike, engaging in sports. But unlike her I am limited on the couch; “Hunger” by Roxane Gay – reading her “Difficult Women” wasn’t as interesting after I read this. It was eye opening to learn the things she went through and how these experiences served as ideas for her writing;   “The Monk of Mokha” by Dave Eggers – the beginning chapters wasn’t as interesting but as a coffee lover I learned  more things about a cup of coffee reading than drinking it;  “Rose” by Anne Lamott – these are some of her fiction based on her own life. I love her non fiction “Bird by Bird” and “Operating Instructions”;                                     “Jazz” by Toni Morrison – of course these are classic as with all her other books. Depicting a story exactly how  I had seen  movies about African Americans  reminded me about “Roots”.

Actually I have a reading tracker I copied from you tube of a name I forgot now.


To indicate my completion I used X in the beginning, then numbers which are the book sequence in my  reading list, and eventually I just blocked out the space. It doesn’t matter what signs I used, but it showed me how much I’ve read in the past and that I shouldn’t stop.

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