Blogging Like a Writer

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

03940601 Blog like you’re Edgar Allan Poe. Or some other awesome writer who’s less creepy.

If you blog, you’re a writer. A writer is someone who writes. You do. You are leagues ahead of the people who claim at cocktail parties to be writers but don’t actually put words down regularly.

So it’s time you started acting—and writing—like the writer you are. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Set a writing schedule and stick to it. Blogs are great for this, but you have to keep at it. Even if it’s only weekly, give yourself regular deadlines and meet them. This not only allows you to keep your claim on being a “writer,” but also allows you to get better at writing. Nothing beats practice when it comes to getting better at writing.
  • Read. A lot. Read other blogs like yours, other blogs not like yours, magazines, books…

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