Casual Vacancy by Rowling


The death of  Barry Fairbrother woke up this small English town located in an idyllic countryside. A death even within a family creates a momentary pause, when time stops ticking and each individual gathers as one. The irony of death waking up the living from the humdrum of its existence.

Casual vacancy was a term devoted to a vacancy of an elective position in the town’s administration. A town that may have  one or two  school, park,  store,  mall,  bank, post office, hospital, police and fire station. For a decade or so, that town may have become complacent because whatever they have the institution around them when they need it. 

Most importantly, it  has a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, a banker, an accountant or whoever they need to take care of people’s business.  known to almost everybody because of the nature of their job. For a decade or so, that town may have become complacent because whatever they need, or whoever they need to do its township business, somebody is always there. 

Incidentally the geography of the town isn’t as perfect as it should be. It has that part hidden beyond the cemetery, or further down the mountains, or high up the mountains and yet a drive away to the main road. That is where they have a story to tell. 

That part of the town that has suddenly become an eyesore, its graffiti laden housing for the poor and needy, pimp peddling, drug addicting and pushing citizen. In the beginning they felt the obligation to help these people, however, as time goes, they realize these lazy, irresponsible children bearing like rabbits are taking advantage of the system and eating up the town’s budget.  And, it has the gossip of a cheating wife or husband, stealing from the town’s coffers, under the table contracts, bribery. 

Known for her famous  Harry Potter series, the author didn’t deviate from her child centered theme. Though much of the conflicts in the story began with how the adults sees and approaches  their own happiness and misery, the author showed how the children in this town approached theirs.

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