Reading Lolita in Tehran (2)

I remember making a comment on whatever happened about how becoming a part of this “book club” have influenced these ladies in their future life. Later in the book, it was mentioned how the author got in touch with some of them after the revolution or a few years later. Books are serving its purpose to these girls who I thought never knew how to be independent. Vicariously they were able to become free in another world, through these books, used to be only a dream had become a reality.

These are the seven students who were invited to a book club meeting each thursday:

  1. Nima – Manna’s husband. the only male student who was persistent enough and on special days he would come and join to talk about the books. He went on to teach

  2. Nassrin – arrived safely in England

  3. Manna – the poet stayed in Iran and continued to meet.

  4. Mahshid – She got her much deserved tenure and is and senior editor publishing books

  5. Yassi – the youngest. Held her own private class with her students. Worked hard to come to America for graduate studies which she was accepted at Rice University in Texas

  6. Azin – the tallest. She is in California with her husband

  7. Mitra – the calmest. She left for Canada

  8. Sanaz – she is in Europe, married and enrolled in a university

What do you think?

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