Why Religion – Elaine Pagels

My first impression on this book is a discussion on the subject, religion. Having been asked of the same question when pursuing a doctoral study, it seems that the question had lingered since then. Having written scholarly books on subjects related to religion, the author attempted to write another book that would tell us religion’s relevance in the 20th century. In attempting to do that she ended writing about its relevance in her own personal life. Despite admission of not wanting to write about her own grief, she ended up doing it.

Now three quarters of the book, the book is dealing more on grief for the death of a son then later a husband. It seems that death and its grieving, after everything is done and gone, religion and God comes in. When there is no other place to go.

She found the answer through this book. Not because she was searching for it, but because her own life asked her.

What do you think?

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