54 of 100 Books

Reading “What Rose Forgot” by Nevada Barr. This is an advance copy book from the library recommended by another reader according to the librarian. It piqued my interest from the beginning because it is a story where Rose “woke” up and found herself living in a senior’s home. Having been a caregiver before, this is a story close to my heart. In fact, been trying to find an angle of a story to write my own.

I found myself “glued” to it during a ten hour trip back to New Jersey. And, overall I it was interesting enough that I almost finish reading the entire book during that time.

The story presumes that it happened in a couple of days, perhaps weeks. For an old woman to have done: sleeping inside a tepee, going back to her old house, running after a killer, spying twice into the nursing home through the help of a sister who was computer savvy, doing all these things through the help of her teenage granddaughter, and a a lot seems unbelievable. All these things happened without getting caught by the police. Yet, I was intrigued with the story and felt one with the adventure of this old lady. Believing its unbelievableness. Through this book, I think I also found the other side of myself, believing in adventure, suspense, thrill in reading.

What do you think?

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