Reading “The Tale of Juliet”

“The Tale of Juliet” by Jet Torcelino-van Ruyven. Non-fiction. 2005. Given to me by a friend.

This is a memoir, rags to riches story of Juliet. The third among eight children from parents who earned their living from ordinary labor. As young as four or five they were taught at an early age how to make money by selling everyday goods among the neighbors. While some kids are still in bed, they are miles away from their house early in the morning to pick up their goods and come back home to sell them before they go to school. On one of her birthday she was gifted by her father, this rarely happens, with an object she thought was a book, this turned out was a piggy bank. Her father later wrote and titled it “The Tale of Juliet”. It became so special for her, showing them off to friends and family on every occasion. Whatever happened with the object, through the years, lost and forgotten, only memories of it remained. Whether she had saved money that made her rich wasn’t the story. It was her journey. After working in Yemen and together with her future husband, they moved to Canada where she became a top seller of Discovery Toys and much later put up a business in their hometown. Today she is coach and sought after speaker in North America.

For Juliet, living in a nipa hut, drenched in in rain while in bed, walking barefoot, going house to house in their neighborhood selling bread or vegetables seems it was only yesterday because today she lives in a high rise building, driving a car, going on cruise. One could only sense in her voice, awed at this drastic change in her life, she feels the need to share her story to us.

Rags to riches story are timeless and endless. It gives hope, courage, strength, and faith to the human race.

What do you think?

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