I am not A Cook


It has become a common  food menu, one has seen it in Asian family gathering and served in a Chinese restaurant. I have seen it served in countless Filipino gathering. An appetizer  by itself, I had even used it as main dish (it is protein and veggies anyway) together with another staple – rice.  It is simple and easy to make: mix ground pork with salt, pepper and chopped carrots, while others put in some chopped onions (this is what I’ve learned from an aunt),  wrap a teaspoon of each in a rice wrapper and finally fry in hot oil. One could use any kind of dipping sauce that are available, plain ketchup or garlic vinegar. We call it Lumpiang Shanghai.

Some locals has been asking me about it after positive word of mouth review from  people who had tasted them. So on one of my day off, I decided to make a few pieces and gave some co-workers to taste.

After a co-worker shared it to one deli owner, he indicated his liking for the food, and personally spoke to me a few days later  indirectly wanted me to produce more. A potential fruitful activity that I could make some money but a job which I am not inclined to do.

This is my second time to get involve in a sort of money making opportunity: making lumpia.   Earlier, the owner of the only hotel in town  inquired about it from me after having tried it from another gathering participated by a Filipino cousin’s wife. She didn’t know the name but I knew it the minute her description began.

She wanted it serve as appetizers for her hotel guests before going out for dinner. I know how to do it but I didn’t want to be in a middle of a business transaction avoiding unwanted task for myself to interfere with my writing (note to self: as if I am doing some great writing).  I was going to let one of my friends do the job but luckily she got pregnant and having a little difficulty. 

How surprising it is that a simple food such as egg roll becomes a hit to some people. For me it is that simple and shouldn’t be a big job. And how surprising it is that I be involved in this undertaking, seeing myself not a cook. And how surprising it is that  my thought processes involuntarily delves into  cooking, about a different kind of egg roll that I want to make and eat and show these people. In fact I am thinking about a couple of different kind of egg roll to make. I am not a cook. But it looks like I am slowly directed to some path. Am I opening a can of worms?  

(The above photo is not mine)