In the middle of June 2013 I registered for a six week online writing workshop. Since then my intellectual life is never the same. Upon the advise of most authors I was doing writing exercises on my own, as they say, “write if you want to be a writer”, an easy advise. In fact I started two books one is a 10k DIY book and the other is a 30k half memoir, half fiction, half of everything, including the kitchen sink, makes my stomach turn everytime I look back at it. I started out with vengeance to those who say it can’t be done, zest to those who say yes you could do it, ardour to people I love because this is for them. In this journey I am clothed with nothing except for a strong desire stuffed with belief that this is where I want to spend the rest of my life. Thanks to my two exes, first is Eva from CUNY, then Nina Amir for their most valued words guiding, advising and leading me. They’re the people who led me to 2ordpress. I am blogging, an activity farthest from my mind.
That was last September 16, 2014 I broadsided onto wordpress, not only was I writing but blogging as well. On my 100 days of blogging on December 23, I have 200 likes, around 80 followers, 28 comments, and a best ever view of 29 on the first week of December. I have 518 all time views. I don’t know if this something to be happy, but I’m grateful to the gods and goddesses of this art. WordPress became so statistically interesting that I have to read the fine lines. As far as blogging I’m looking forward to improving my appearance. I will be back to update this milestone.
In the meantime, I am honing a craft.


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