When I hear the word crisis I feel fire touching my arms or fingers that makes me jump and drop whatever my hands are holding. Then I would blame myself for being too careless while nursing the burnt skin by putting a pack of ice. There would be more pain the instant the coldness of the ice touches the skin. I’ll leave it there twenty minutes or so or until there’d be no more pain.

When nursing a burnt skin with a pack of ice, there’s no need to rub the ice. Just let it steady on the area, it will hurt, but the ice will prevent production of blisters on the affected area. The ice is to be taken off until no pain is felt, generally twenty minutes. After a few days the burnt skin will peel off by itself.

A crisis may also sound like an alarm clock as it goes off in the early morning calling me out of from the bed while my eyes are heavy and my body feels the warm sheets and soft pillows. And I am left wondering how fast the night went through, I just went to bed a few minutes ago.

At this time I would turn on soft classical music to put my nerves back into synchronicity with the day’s momentum. The soft music helps me soothe my energy so I could face the day with gratitude and praise.

A crisis is like eating a spicy hot food that you were never used to. You want it out of your mouth as soon as possible, you can’t spit it out because you’re embarrassed with people around you. You want to run but there’s no place to go, you want to hide but fire is coming out from your ears.

The first time I went to a sushi restaurant, I didn’t know what’s that fine mint green mash substance was. I never knew how to use wasabi. That you mix a pinch with a soy sauce the dip sushi in it. I took a half teaspoon, ate the whole stuff. That was crisis.

When I hear the word crisis from the mouths of politicians I am amazed at how they manipulate us into believing that they are talking about solutions to problems when in fact the word is being used for their vested interest.

They make some events seem so huge, complicated and without remedy. That the world is approaching its end if people wouldn’t act. Its continuous use are politicians’ process calling attention to themselves.

When I hear the word crisis, it’s a day like today, overcoming today’s prompt. I started a draft this morning and now it’s midnight I finally found a way to approach it. Not only that I am able to come out with more than five hundred words as one of my goals.

Tomorrow is another day, a new prompt is on the way, new thoughts will come my way.

Evaluate yourself in a crisis situation. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In a Crisis.”