“As soon as I dropped those three kids, they disappear behind the trailer house. Into the woods”. A voice coming up the stairs into the kitchen filled the house while I was slicing some carrots.  Without saying a word, a quiet conversation  began inside my head, “ ‘disappear? – only ghost do that and those kinds aren’t ghost, I am certain cause ghost don’t go to school.  

“Oh boy, those kids look retarded!” Was his next candid remark. This time I hear soft tuds on the kitchen floor. My hands ceased what it was doing, my eyes  absentmindedly staring at the source of the voice. Are there retarded ghost. I asked myself. Still quiet but a lively conversation was happening inside my head. Though, I managed to quip an immediate reply by asking what  made him say so.  

“I don’t know, but they don’t say anything” he said. Yeah, I know ghost don’t speak, they spook instead,  my reply to  conversation in my head. I resumed slicing the carrots on the chopping board.  

When I was in my teens, I had this desire of wanting to be a  writer. During those time, our country was in the first few years of Martial Law. I didn’t know what that meant. But it seem that opportunity for my desire  never came out. In college, I tried joining the campus paper, but I failed the written test. I rested my case, perhaps writing is not for me. For some reason the campus paper never came out and its writing team  never organized. Looking back at it, I could now see the reason, most journalist and student writers disappeared, abducted and killed.  There was no freedom of expression back then.    

In life dreams “appear” and “disappear”. An opportunity always come to achieve a full and happy life. And happiness is not in the materials things, honor or power. 

It is being able to identify and fulfill what had been  missed, like fulfilling a dream. 

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