Express-on treadmill, exercise for the 50’s

And on dieting. Long ago, I used to join gyms. It had been easy to lose weight when I was young-er. I had seen and felt the results – from size 8 down to 2. But life passed by, embroiled in its various phases. What else? Then I am back to 8, I wanted to be lower than that, I am not too tall. So I went back to the gym, only to discover that things are not the same as they were. When you’re older, you’re:

Exhausted. All the enthusiasm and drive that came with my every new year’s resolution will be gone even before May or June. There is this experience not just a feeling. My membership at the gym stayed for six years, hoping that perhaps sometime during the year or next new year’s resolution, you know, I’ll recover. Incidentally, it never happened. Moving to another state made me realize I had been wasting money. Though it was good hoping every year for that enthusiasm to burst forth like a stream of river gently flowing.

Pains – knee, legs, back. What did I expect for not regularly working out? Stiff muscles, weak legs, physically weak. The spirit is willing but the body is weak. And what’s worse, these pain are like chain reactions, affecting other bodily functions. Not only that it goes to one’s own mental faculties. It reminded me of a previous pains and illnesses I had ignored in the past, that were now coming back hounding me like a ghost.

Let’s admit it, we know we need to exercise, which is what every doctor had been and is telling us. Or what people who grew wiser in body and in age, showed us. But we’re not physically fit. Why? Because our body was never used doing it.

What I did?

Persistence. I went back to treadmill since May this year. After a month and a half, I got sick, cough and cold. Going to the doctor never helped. As soon as I got better, I went back to treadmill. Then I felt sick and weak again. After taking otc medicine, I got well, again. I went back to my treadmill. It’s almost two months now, I’m still at it. I could stay an hour on the treadmill without stress.
Taking supplements. I prided myself for not having been a vitamin and medicine person, as I have said, when you’re young, you never need it. But now in my late 50’s, we need help from this world.
Activities. We went day hiking. Doing a 6 mile hike was nothing with slight elevation. But it tested my strength when we went on a 4000 feet elevation, when the terrain was just continuously going up and up. My legs were sore for a couple of days. I took pain reliever, but I went back to treadmill to maintain strength in my legs.

When taking supplements, I studied, read and researched what type and kind my body needed, observed and noted its effects on my body. It is not a one time shot. Until now, I am still observing   what I need and its effect on my body. All these efforts have led me to take care of myself, make sure I go to bed and get enough rest and eat healthy.

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