One of my goals is taking care of  my health. That, I make sure by engaging in physical exercise. Though I admit it had been an on and off effort, aka, some months I find myself  actively engaging in physical activities like Jillian Michaels, except for the abs and at other times I feel like a walrus plainly sitting, eating and sh….ng. Aside from twice a month hiking we did in the summer, I was filled with hopes last year with an acquisition of  a old treadmill via Craigslist. From thirty minutes I progressed to an hour on it  without feeling  pain on my knees.

All this  soon died when I started working at a local grocery store that required me to be on foot for hours. Three months on the job now, I had to lessen the stress on my knees, so less treadmill. In fact my health tracker looks like this:


Writing a goal and looking at it everyday was a reminder, I had to think of another moderate exercise. This led me hula hooping. Thanks again to the internet.  I didn’t realize it was easy for a beginner to let it  stay on the hips. I could do it for five minutes straight without  falling down.  There are still a lot of things for me to learn on techniques and tricks (check you tube) and,  this would make me active for a while until I’ll get tired or find another interest.

For so many years I had been doing my yearly goals and targets for health, wealth, personal and professional.  Some are done, some are not. I cannot be so frigid with myself on strictly following what  I had written. Life is a continuing search for something interesting and fun without it losing direction away from your own goals.

I wanted to take a video of me playing hula hoop, but apparently wordpress free plan won’t allow me to do that.

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