56 out of 100 Books

Reading “Save Me the Plums” by Ruth Reichl.

First this is a story of food, how we came to look at it in a different way. Aside from filling our empty stomach. It heals and comforts physically and spiritually. It gives company to the lonely. It consoles a grieving soul.

Gone are the days, when we try reminiscing grandma’s cooking. Replicating food in memory. The rapid stream of information and communication brought memories into real time. People gathered, shared and talked about it now.

Second this is a story of those people who rose from the bottom to make the story. Not only creating the information and communication system, they shared the story to us, as well. The story became sophisticated that I had never bought and will never buy their story.

Third, because they knew I will never buy their story, these people revealed how they are taking back the same story to me, who vowed not to buy their story.


One thought on “56 out of 100 Books

  1. But cussing in a borrowed tongue makes me feel less vulgar, less filthy and one level higher from being obscene. I maintain my virtuous personality despite the swearing. It’s easy to say the word, it’s letters flows freely and fluidly, a slice of thin air passing just above my tongue immediately halted at the tip.


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