In Due Time

I opened my eyes this morning the picture in my window is pitch black except for some flickering lights coming from windows across the building. I dupe myself feigning sleep keeping my eyelids shut down. My mind asks, ‘Can I stay in bed until the sun shows up? I remember turning off the lamp after ten last night, the clock is showing 5:15, six hours sleep that’s all I had!’ I laid in bed but after all the mental debate the body wins and is fully awake now. I sat on my bed in obedience to my body. As Wayne Dyer said, ‘stop counting your hours of sleep, get up and listen to God’s message’. I grab my laptop opened wordpress start typing. What else is there to do in the middle of the night? I checked on this prompt last night, slept on it, hoping to come up with ideas this morning. Deadline. I have no deadline. I work on my own. I’m done with beating deadlines. Except for this post. I usually give myself thirty minutes until hitting publish, that don’t happen ninety percent of the time. But what the heck! I won’t stress me. I’ll hit the save button after an hour or so, or until I’m satisfied or until I’ve used the last available secondth I have. If I’m satisfied I’ll publish it, if not I’ll edit it later when I have more time. You see, I have scheduled my post for publishing on a daily basis, I could also reblog posts from fellow bloggers as wordpress suggested. Stress isn’t in my to-do list. Neither excitement. But it is what I get when writing. After I turn off this computer and attend to my basic needs there is this overflowing inspiration inside of me like a newborn when I look around everything is wonderful and amazing. When I was young I’ve been to a place, where people live in huts with no running water. Instead they have this spring of water where everybody gets they water supply. Around it the ground is concreted where the ladies do their laundry or some children take their shower, while the menfolk comes with their water jugs to take home. Everyday the well is full of water, never dried, or never ran out. Once the water hits rock bottom, people continue with their conversation, laughing and joking giving the well a few minutes to fill up. When I begin writing early in the morning, it makes me enthusiastic during the day and so wired up longing to come back and sit down, certain that ideas comes back like water in the well. This well that I’m talking about surprisingly has never overflowed. When people arrive in the morning the water is full to the top but not overflowing. Nobody saves water that they don’t use, because the well is always there, never dry, full but never overflowing. When writing I just stop if I have to stop. I have no deadline. I go to work after this or do anything to pay for the bills, but I come back and sit. I know the well is full again.
Prompt: What’s your next most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?
In Due Time

4 thoughts on “In Due Time

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  2. I loved the description you gave about the well of water and how everyone came to the well to get their water and visited with each other. I love how you describe yourself as that well, that is filled up and ready to write at the end of the day. 🙂

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