A Hard Day’s Night

is it time
The things I do within thirty minutes of waking up to ensure my day gets right
Two Right Feet
Dark but not quiet. Whirring motors, tires skidding, at times siren wailing from police cars, makes me wonder what’s the emergency again. My brain is wired to emergency  the moment I open my eyes in the morning  it’s travelling on the way to subway catching the morning commute knowing that if work starts early it ends early,  what needs to be done today, how to do it. Someone is coming at work today.  I should be at work.  Why did I woke up late? What did I do last night?  I had a dream last night, what was that? Stop, stop!!! Go back to your body. I tell my brain. If not for last nights’ sleep this brain is continuously working.  Back to bed,  the body  is relishing the warm soft sheets under the skin,  wisp of cold air comes from the window I draped it with down and it feels good.  The huge numbers on the clock tells me I have thirty minutes,  relax,  I tell my brain. Inhale, exhale close my eyes and use ten minutes for short meditation, I sit up.  I watch the minutes go by. After ten to fifteen minutes its time to get up, get ready for work.  At this point the brain isn’t working anymore. It was like a child in the morning having tantrums getting everyones’ attention. The body is now in control and it too, knows what to do.  If there is more time I squeeze in drinking coffee, while doing that  I  spread the morning cheer to love ones and family. Some activities could be deferred, though: praying while in the train or bus and coffee/croissant while at work.  otherwise its a run to the bathroom trying to do as much cleaning/dressing up in fifteen minutes and/or getting bundled up then running/walking to catch the commute.


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