Here and now


The $1.6 B lottery was like a dangling carrot for us who looks at money as the lone solution to all our sorry predicament.  Mortgage, loans, bills haunting us daily when the postman comes. And here is the money that no one has laid claim yet.  It was both a promise and hope that luck is just around the corner. Eyes gets bigger as  the prize money gets higher luring more people to buy  tickets. Everybody thinks luck is with them. Who knows? A dollar or two wont hurt.

A computation was presented how much is the guestimated net payout for anyone who wins, $900 M, with all my knowledge in finance  my mind stopped working beyond one billion dollars because all my debts are only ten percent of a million. This morning we found out none of us here in New Jersey or New York was a winner. Three lucky winners live in three other states.

As I sat lotus position for meditation i couldn’t erase the thought of money and what I’d do with it. Going on vacation, retiring from my job, buying a nice house far in the country. Put money in my retirement, in charity, help my family and some friends who are in need, and oh boy there’d be many of them. I have to tell my husband to retire immediately  and no need to wait till he’s 62.

Going out shopping or dining would be the last thing on my mind as I would be scared which means I would have to hire my own bodyguards. I imagine our house filled with people I don’t even know trying to be nice to me.

With all the things that I need to do I doubt if I could continue my morning meditation because I imagine the media inside our house trying to scoop a news and the police around because our neighbors are complaining.

Then I heard a sound, the alarm went off   I have to go back to my meditation.


I checked the clock, there’s only five minutes left. This prompt must be done and posted right away.

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2 thoughts on “Here and now

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