Ticking Clock


Giving up will be the last course of action in my to do list. Mounting personal pressures and unavoidable circumstances are pushing me to entirely not  post/write/blog. And writing my own yakkety yak on why I can’t blog/post is exhausting. But I have to write just the same as another form of writing exercise.

The end of the month is almost here, (so what?) its significance is not because time is running fast  but after an online registration on a writing class which ends in a week or so makes me  feel that I just gave my money away as I didn’t devote enough time or deliberately missed out on some homework or didn’t do enough to help myself get more benefit out of this class.

In hindsight it was a willingness to give my money anywhere, anytime customize on my own schedule.

Online classes were designed to customize to our personal schedule, anywhere, anytime customize on our own pace. There is no need to take a shower, get dressed, commute to work, I could do my research, reading, writing, submission of homework right in my bed, in my nightgown, in the library etc.

Two months before I registered for this class things were working perfectly in my favor, free internet, free hours while working, free space, quiet space.  Everything disappeared with my change of work place in a flick of a second.

In bed last night I failed to keep my eyes open while trying to finish the last essay to be submitted at 11:59 pm. I folded the ipad, lights off  and laid my head on the pillow.

Participants on any online class I advise should give it a priority by giving enough time and effort. By customizing my  schedule I found out that I relegated it second sometimes last priority with all my other tasks.

I admit though there are plenty of things I  learned first is  when the teacher gave her comments on my first essay, second is my realizing my mistakes and writing this post.

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